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Are you a non-profit?

Nope! Well, at least not yet. We’re just a clothing company that’s into helping out some charities. We’re not sure what this will turn into but as it stands right now, every time we do a charity shirt, half of the profit goes directly to the charity we’re aiming to help that month and you can count on that. We’ll always post any sort of confirmation or thank you we get back too.

Do you guys print on American Apparel?

No, we don’t. Everything we do gets printed on Gildan Softstyle or AllStyle’s Soft Style. It has the same feel as AA but without any of the sexual harassment law suits. Both Gildan and All Style use no slave labor or child labor and adheres to an ethical code of conduct. All Style happily emails their conduct code to anyone who asks so feel free. You can read about Gildan’s here:

Can I submit an artist or a charity?

Sure, we’d love that. If you’re submitting yourself as an artist to be considered for future designs, please title the email “Artist Submission” and in the body include your name and a link to your portfolio. If you’re submitting a charity you think should be brought to our attention, please title the email “Charity Submission” and in the body include a link the the charity as well as an explanation of the charity in your words. Emails can be sent to:

If you’re trying to help people, why is your logo an atom bomb?

The idea with an atom bomb is that splitting an atom releases an incredible amount of energy; that, contained in one of the smallest things on the planet is enough energy to level cities. That’s kind of the ideology behind this whole company. I mean, not the city leveling part but that out of something small can come something immense.

I missed out on this month’s shirt. Is there any way I can get it?

I’m sorry but no. The idea of the shirt is that every thing is limited edition so we don’t print any extras. Go for it next month!

Can I get Shallow Water stuff anywhere but your webstore?

Not on a consistent basis. Whenever we have them somewhere (fests, tours, etc) we’ll let you know via our blog but your best bet is always our webstore.

Can I track my order? How do you calculate shipping? How much is international shipping? What’s your return policy? Etc. Etc. Any other question about ordering or shipping…

Our webstore is run by Cold Cuts Merch. They lovingly care for your order but since I’m on tour most of the time, I have no presence in the processing of your order. Any questions you have in regards to shipping your order can be answered either at their website ( or by emailing their support email at They’re happy to help you out.

Any other questions? Email us.